About the Site

This is Addicted's (not so new anymore...) web site.

It needs a LOT of work; but Willow and I need a NATCH. Stay tuned and this will eventually be prettier and more useful.

Willow in the weavesLeah Caracino

Site Milestones

Date Title Noteworthy Achievement
2013-Mar-7 Drupal 7.21

Yet another Drupal version upgrade. 7.21 is a patch on 7.20. Apparently both are security hacks.

2013-Feb-18 nagios alarms

Got nagios alarms working. In theory this will send me alarms when stuff breaks so I will be amongst the first to know.

2013-Feb-18 Drupal upgrade

Finally sussed out the git multi-remote thing and pulled the latest version. Upgraded a dozen modules as well.

2012-Oct-17 fixed events block

Added a date range theme function so that the little events block shows actual dates instead of the event titles. Also swapped out the site (they were all WWIS anyway) for the judge's name. Still needs work, but it can wait until we have the new theme going.

2012-Apr-2 Site Launch

Don't actually remember when I pulled the trigger on the first version; but the 'about' page is dated April 2.