About the Site

This is Addicted's (not so new anymore...) web site.

It needs a LOT of work; but Willow and I need a NATCH. Stay tuned and this will eventually be prettier and more useful.

Willow in the weavesLeah Caracino

Site Milestones

Date Title Noteworthy Achievement
2015-Jan-5 Finished renaming modules

Finally got the last two modules renamed. No more name conflicts.

2015-Jan-5 renamed the milestones module

Two down, two more to go.

2015-Jan-4 renamed img_caption_addicted

Started the renaming process to fix the module name conflicts (oops). Three more to go.

2015-Jan-3 clean up site compromise and update

The site was exploited by some evil doers. There were three separate sets of bad files introduced. Never did figure out what the bad things did; but all was erased.

Assumed the exploit was thru a security hole in drupal core or one of the modules. Performed updates on everything.

2013-Apr-4 Yet another drupal upgrade

One of these days, I actually have to do something that shows improvement on the site. Nonetheless...

Upgrade to Drupal 7.22
Upgrade ctools, and gmap modules.